Unusual Jail Time for Man Convicted of Fatal Hit-and-Run in Mankato 02 Aug 11

In an unusual sentencing, a Mankato man who struck and killed a man with his car at a downtown party must serve 10 years probation and one weekend of jail per year on the anniversary of the victim’s death.

21-year-old Aaron Whiteaker was also fined $6,000 and will have to serve about a week of Sentenced to Serve time each year for 10 years.

Whiteaker was in court yesterday for his sentencing on a felony criminal vehicular homicide case. The charges stemmed from a Sept. 24 case in which Whiteaker struck and killed 20-year-old Thanh Vu and then fled the scene. He initially denied he was the driver but later confessed. Vu died several days later.