Stunt Pilot who died Saturday at an air show in Kansas City is identified as a Lakeville Man 23 Aug 11

Stunt Pilot, Bryan D Jensen, 50, died on Saturday after his biplane, “The Beast” took a dive and crashed next to a runway at Wheeler Downtown Airport. Event organizers of the Kansas City Aviation Expo Air Show immediately shut down performances for the day after Jensen’s plane hit the ground. In a statement released by the Kansas City Air show offered heartfelt condolences to the family and friends of Bryan Jensen, “the show is devastated by this terrible accident. Aerobatic flying can be a dangerous thing as evidenced by today’s accident.”


According to Jensen’s website,, he graduated from the University of North Dakota’s aviation school and began flying commercially at age 23. Jensen had logged 23,000 hours of flight time and had been flying aerobatics for 15 years.


According to public records, along with living in Lakeville, Jensen also owned a home near Jacksonville, Fl.