Jesse James Rogers was back in Carver County Court on Murder Charges 25 Aug 11

Rogers was back in court on Wednesday facing charges of second degree murder related to the fatal stabbing of Jason Foster (35 – of Chaska) outside Kelly’s Bar on June 3rd. Rogers (32 – Minneapolis) was scheduled to receive an omnibus hearing with Judge Richard Perkins, but the hearing will now be rescheduled for the afternoon of September 27th. Both prosecuting and defense attorneys have an interest in outstanding reports. Both Roger’s attorney, John Torres and Carver County Attorney Mark Metz are waiting on the autopsy report, the Coroner’s investigation and DNA forensics. Torres noted that he had submitted some files to the court regarding self defense. Rogers appeared briefly in court, handcuffed, and with a large contingent of people to support him, with one supporter flashing him a peace sign