Missing items from school lead to theft charge for Le Center woman 30 Aug 11

A Le Center woman has been charged with misdemeanor theft after police found items in her garage that were allegedly stolen from a school.

Toni Grasser is facing three charges in connection with a July incident, when Le Center Police were contacted about items found in a garage which the complainant believed to be stolen.

A police investigation revealed a number of items were charged to the Le Center School District by Grasser, but were unaccounted for. The 43-year-old Grasser was employed by the district as a custodian.

Grasser is due in Le Sueur County District Court September 14.

  • Tonigrasser

    i cant believe you put this story about me on the web!! This is so minor, dont you have anything better to post.

  • Jpmz06

    thank you very much for posting this. We should be kept informed about the tax payers money that has been misappropriation of funds. Stealing from tax payers our steeling at all is a crime. you should be ashamed of yourself

  • Mkz1

    Local school districts need to keep an eye on operating funds when funds are as tight as they have been. District workers are trusted with the public’s money. It does not matter the severity or minor amount of money. THEFT is THEFT and it is wrong.

  • Kbwr

    I hope you do a follow up on this story, the public needs to know what is happening with there money.

  • Kbwr

    I see you go to a pre trial hearing on October h. You will find out that the judicial system does not take kindly to theft (especially public moneys)