Mother of abandoned Lakeville boy comes forward, father arrested in 01 Sep 11

This Lakeville home was being foreclosed upon when Stephen Cross abandoned it and his 11-year-old son in July. (Photo courtesy of the Star Tribune.)

The long-estranged mother of an abandoned Lakeville boy has come forward, just days after his disappearing dad was arrested while working at a deli in California.

11-year-old Sebastian Cross says he hasn’t seen his mother since he was two and thought she was dead, but 38-year-old Katik Porter called Dakota County officials Wednesday to say she wanted to be part of the discussions regarding Sebastian’s future. He is currently living with a maternal aunt.

Sebastian’s father, 60-year-old Steven Cross, vanished in the night on July 18, leaving behind a foreclosed home and a pair of letters for his son. He appeared in court in Wednesday and waived extradition, clearing the way for his return to Minnesota to face child-neglect charges.