Prior Lake man accused of keeping infant away from mother 06 Sep 11

Thomas Knutson (Photo courtesy of Prior Lake American)

A Prior Lake man is accused of locking the mother of his infant son out of the house for more than five hours while the child had nothing to eat.


28-year-old Thomas Richard Knutson was charged with deprivation of parental custody in Scott County District Court late last month.

According to the complaint, Knutson’s ex-girlfriend and his child were visiting Knutson for the weekend, but the woman said she decided to leave because Knutson “was acting crazy.” However, Knutson would not let her leave with the child and locked her outside of the house.

The woman told police that at one point Knutson held their son up at the window and laughed at her while she was locked outside. She said she has sole custody of the child.

Police forced their way into the house, got the child away from Knutson and arrested him. Knutson was still in custody as of Thursday afternoon.