Faribault man charged after escaping from hospital 09 Sep 11

A man who escaped from law enforcement during a CT scan at a Faribault hospital is facing charges for his time on the run.

Brad Brugger is charged with one felony and one gross misdemeanor count of escaping from custody.

Rice County Sheriff’s Deputies arrested the 44-year-old on September 1 after they found an empty vehicle in a ditch and found Brugger hiding in a nearby house with injuries to his face, head and arm. Deputies placed him under arrest for driving while intoxicated and took him to District One Hospital to be treated for his injuries.

Although an officer was sent to monitor Brugger at the hospital, he escaped when hospital staff left him alone in a room. Officers found Brugger the next day, and he was arrested and transported back to the hospital.

If convicted of felony escape, Brugger faces up to five years in prison, a maximum $10,000 fine, or both.