Chanhassen man alleges police brutality 12 Sep 11

David Techam tells the Chanhassen City Council of alleged police brutality at the hands of a Carver County Sheriff's Deputy. (Photo courtesy of Chanhassen Villager)

In exchange for their rescue efforts at a late-night residential fire last month, the Carver County Sheriff’s Office is being dealing with a claim of police brutality.

David Techam, a 68-year-old Chanhassen man and disabled U.S. Navy veteran, claims he was confronted by a Carver County Sheriff’s deputy when emergency personnel responded to the August 19 fire.

Techam says he was trying to encourage firefighters to enter the building through a side door rather than break through a window, when a deputy hit him from behind and then pushed him on the ground. He alleges the deputy broke his right foot, aggravated his shoulder from a previous injury, and caused him to sustain a rib injury.

Techam brought his concerns to the Chanhassen City Council the following week, and filed complaints with both the city of Chanhassen and the Carver County Sheriff’s Office.

Techam also alleges that on the same night, during the same incident, somebody stole a gold coin valued at $5,000 from a collection of rare coins he keeps in his home.

There is an ongoing investigation into these incidents.