Mother charged with neglect for infant son’s near-drowning in bathtub 19 Sep 11

A 20-year-old Shakopee woman has been charged with one felony count of child neglect for allegedly leaving her 10-month-old son in the bathtub unattended.

Liliya Korzh called 911 on July 17 to report that her infant was barely breathing. She told officers she was giving her baby a bath when she left the room to text her foster mother and make a phone call to her mother. Korzh said she then heard a gurgling sound and went into the bathroom where her son was facedown in the half-full bathtub, unconscious.

The baby was breathing weakly when police arrived. He was taken to Children’s Hospital in Minneapolis where he was kept overnight for observation for moisture in is his lungs.

Korzh’s mother and foster mother told authorities they didn’t speak with her around the time of the incident. Her older son was with her parents for the weekend.

Scott County Human Services has had six documented reports involving Korzh and her two children since December 2008.