Criminal charges to be dismissed against Jordan mayor 11 Oct 11

There may be an end in sight—at least legally—to the disagreement between Jordan Mayor Pete Ewals and the owner of Ballard-Sunder Funeral Home Mark Ballard.

Although still denying disorderly conduct charges, Ewals agreed yesterday to a delayed dismissal of the case involving a July incident in which Ballard claimed he was physically assaulted by the mayor. The incident led to a temporary restraining order and the criminal charges.

As long as Ewals pays $400 to cover court costs and stays off of the downtown Jordan funeral home property for one year, the case will be dismissed. Marsh Halberg, the mayor’s attorney, said there is no admission of fault and no conviction. Halberg said Ewals “has never had a record [and] never will have one.”

Ewals was scheduled to appear before a Scott County District Court judge yesterday but instead convened to a conference room and eventually settled with the Scott County Attorney’s Office.