Holiday vs. Christmas debate reaches Jordan Elementary 12 Oct 11

The ever-growing question of “Christmas” vs. “Holiday” has made its way into Jordan Public Schools.

At Monday’s school board meeting, Jordan Elementary School Music Teacher Marie Palmquist presented a proposal to change how kindergarten through second grade concerts are performed, but got heated objection from some board members who took issue with the idea of moving away from holiday-based programming.

Palmquist asked to hold an “informance,” in which smaller groups of students perform in a classroom setting. The idea is to include more of the processes that get students to the finished product. Palmquist also said she wants to “move away from the Christian-dominated topics of Christmas and perhaps transform a future December program into an educational balance of traditions, celebrations, and cultures.”

According to Palmquist, public schools in Belle Plaine, Shakopee, Waconia, and Easter Carver County Schools have adopted some form of informance program.

Several board members disagreed, including Joe Benko, who said the district cannot change everything because a few don’t believe in Christmas.

Principal Stacy DeCorsey told Palmquist the school will continue to offer Christmas concerts.

  • Samarsc

    Good for Jordan for sticking with the Christmas concerts, more schools should follow their example.

  • Carnutone

    huray for jordon school administration. i don’t know how we are moving away from the Christian part of our country, the pledge, the happy holidays, etc. a friend works for a company that tells her she can’t wear her cross necklace out of her close, be they provide special rooms for the musselums to pray at work and get paid while the do while the rest of the Americans are still working for their money. what’s up with this?

  • Mphrabe

    My hat is off for the Jordan School Adm.!!!! I”m Glad that some people still have values !!!

    Myron Hrabe