Homeowner catches burglar on second attempt 13 Oct 11

A Belle Plaine homeowner was not about to be fooled twice when a burglar attempted to break into his home two nights in a row.

After a burglar broke into his garage and stole beer on Friday night, Jason Spletzer and his wife Patricia purchased an additional lock and alarm.

When the burglar returned Saturday night, an exterior motion light was triggered and the couple was awakened by the alarm. Armed with a baseball bat, Jason met the burglar walking away from the garage with items he allegedly stole from another area resident. The young man admitted he’d been drinking. He was carrying a knife, and also admitted he was on probation for a previous offense, Spletzer said.

The 20-year-old Shakopee man, staying with a friend in Belle Plaine, was arrested for the incident. Police are seeking charges that include first-degree burglary of an occupied home, possession of stolen property and underage consumption.