Mayor’s accusation will cost Lakeville $1,225 24 Oct 11

Photo courtesy of Lakeville Patch

The city of Lakeville will pay $1,225 in legal fees for an employee the mayor accused of lying — a statement the City Council later formally retracted.

Last month, Mayor Mark Bellows publicly accused senior center coordinator Linda Walter of lying to him. Walter, a 15-year employee, hired an attorney and considered a defamation lawsuit, but agreed to forgo any slander lawsuit when the city agreed last week to pay her attorney fees.

The council also issued a statement earlier this month saying Walter hadn’t lied and had performed her job well.

Walter said she had hoped to hear an apology from the city or Bellows, but eventually decided “there is no point in having the city pay for the mayor’s wrongful statement.” Walter’s attorney said she just wanted to clear her name and now feels that has been accomplished.