Disappearing dad says he wants to see son 03 Nov 11

The Lakeville dad who’s received national media attention since abandoning his 11-year-old son in July is now publicly telling his side of the story – and says he doesn’t understand why authorities won’t allow him to see the boy.

Steven Cross says he thought leaving his son, Sebastian, with neighbors was better than the two of them living homeless out of a van. Cross disappeared from his foreclosed home in the middle of the night on July 18, leaving only a letter and instructions for his son to move in with the neighbors.

Cross, 60, was arrested several weeks later in Calif. and is now facing child neglect charges in Dakota County. The county is prohibiting Cross from having any contact with his son, who is in protective custody and foster care.

Cross’s attorney says Cross was under extreme stress and suffering from situational depression, and “had a temporary lapse in judgment.”

Cross says he wants to see his son and make sure he is okay.