Horse ride leads to rescue on pier 16 Nov 11

Shakopee Police Department

Shakopee police and Scott County deputies had to make an unusual animal rescue Saturday afternoon when a horse got stuck on a pier.

Carson Pate, 46, of Shakopee had taken his 8-year-old quarter-horse Sully on a ride through Memorial Park and then ventured onto the pier at the pond next to Dangerfield’s Restaurant.

Sully got stuck when his rear legs fell through the planks at the end of the dock.

After a veterinarian sedated the horse and part of the dock was dismantled, emergency responders used straps to hoist Sully up onto a plywood plank and back up the dock.

Horse and rider eventually rode off into the sunset, but not before Pate was cited for riding his horse through Memorial Park. Shakopee Police Captain Chris Dellwo told the Shakopee Valley News Pate will also have to pay for the repairs to the dock.