A New Tradition is Born in New Prague 06 Dec 11

The New Prague Chamber of Commerce hosted the annual Parade of Lights this past Friday. Executive Chamber Director, Kristy Mach made a few changes to this years festivities saying, “we wanted to make this a multi-generational event.” New Prague was buzzing with excitement and Memorial Park came alive with People, Music, Hot Cocoa, Fireworks and Santa Clause!

Traditionally, the parade has begun in the parking lot of Saint Wenceslaus Church and headed west down Main Street through the downtown district as parade watchers gathered on the street and floats completely decked out in Christmas Lights paraded by binging Santa Clause to town. Following the parade, Santa would head over to the New Prague Community Center for family ice skating. This year, the parade started at the west end of town and headed east with the vehicles winding through Memorial Park where they could park and parade goers could get a closer look.

The parade started off without a hitch this year, and as it wound into Memorial Park, droves of people entered the park on foot. The playground was in full swing with children’s laughter, KCHK 1350 played Christmas Music, people of all ages were dancing, singing, and just being MERRY. Chameleons Coffee setup in the pavilion selling Hot Chocolate, Coffee, and Cider. The New Prague chamber organized a scavenger hunt for the kids and Santa Clause mingled amongst the crowd, even posed for pictures. The night ended with a dramatic fireworks display by RES Specialty Pyrotechnics.

New Prague’s annual Parade of Lights, truly a Tradition of Progress.