Waterville man awakes to find grandson choking him 30 Dec 11

A 30-year-old Waterville man awaits a Jan. 3 hearing after being charged with a felony for a bizarre attack on his grandfather.

Waterville police were contacted Dec. 10 by a man who stated he was attacked by his grandson while he was sleeping.

The complainant told police he was sleeping at about 5:30 a.m. when Shane Robert Grundhoffer entered his room. Grundhoffer placed his hand over his grandfather’s nose and mouth, but after a struggle the grandfather was able to free himself and Grundhoffer got into a vehicle and drove away.

The grandfather said he had no idea what provoked the attack.

Because Grundhoffer has five domestic violence convictions on his record within the past 10 years, he is being charged with felony-level assault in the third degree, as well as domestic assault and domestic assault by strangulation.