Drugs seized near New Prague Schools’ CEC 06 Jan 12

View of 409 Central Ave., the site of Thursday night's drug bust, from the parking lot of the New Prague Area School District's CEC Building

After more than a month-long investigation, the New Prague Police Department last night executed a drug-related search warrant at a home across the street from the school district’s CEC building.

According to the a press release from Police Chief Mark Vosejpka, officers seized a large amount of cultivated marijuana, marijuana plants, growing operation equipment, weapons, cash and other drug-related items. Arrested at the scene was homeowner Jeremy Adam Michael Stotz, 24.

Because of the home’s proximity to the school, Mark Vosejpka tells KCHK Stotz will face a 4th degree sales charge and 5th degree possession of a controlled substance. Stotz is being held in the Scott County Jail pending formal charges from the County Attorney’s Office.

  • Shirlschneider

    Great job New Prague Police Dept.

  • Katbob2011

    Wow. I grew up down the street. Wow

  • I Speak The Truth

    Great job NPPD!? As if. Its cannabis! Why dont you ppl grow up and get the facts straight. Maybe if they got a rapist yeah good job. They just got some poor kid trying to make a buck and some home grown meds. And what does being by a school have anything to do with it? Was he selling it to them? i doubt it. I’d be more worried about all the drunks that come home angry and beat up on their families. I say Boooo! Here’s just a lil fact bit for you ppl http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=si6Rt612hdk don’t be brain washed into thinking that its bad.

  • Citizen

    Wow after that reply now we know who the pothead is……

  • Cschutt47

    Yeah great job, that’s bullshit. When was the last time you people heard of pot ruinIng someone’s life? Yeah that’s right you haven’t, pot doesn’t make people angry and stupid like alcohol does. If the tables were turned and they busted a homebrewer if alcohol was illegal you would have the same opinion. Way to conform does it make you feel better shirlschneider?? Does it? But it won’t happen because the government can’t regulate marijuana and make ya revenue off of it and that’s why it’s illegal.

  • Dolsmi

    This is definitely one of the most ignorant type of person relaying comments like that.
    “Trying to make a buck” & ” What does being by a school have anything to do with it”
    Obviously this person should be paying more attention while they were in attention in school.
    Great job NPPD!

  • guest

    WAKE UP!!! Pot does ruin peoples lives! I’ve been there first hand and watched close friends lose everything because they couldn’t clean up their act. It’s all fun and games until you are so deep into that you are having seizures due to overdose (and yes, you most certainly can!) and you lose everything around you, your family, home, and job because you believe the hype that pot is nonaddicting and it doesn’t hurt the people around you unless of course they are pot heads just like you. However, I don’t think the citizens of NP should be so quick to applaud the PD… they are slacking! They’ve busted ONE of the atleast 2 dozen+ drug houses in NP. Its a small town and we LOVE to gossip, we all know exactly where these houses sit and they need to be doing more!

  • Baschmitz

    Thank You NPPD! GREAT JOB!!

  • Kimmie7707

    Way to go NP police department! I have been clean & sober for 11 years, pot being my DOC, anyone who says it’s not a gateway drug is out of their freaking mind. It lead me to speed, then coke and finally meth! None of which I would have been exposed to like I was if not for hanging with the people who sold me the ILLEGAL pot!!! I thank the Savage police department for raiding the house I was living in and making me WAKE the heck up, get some help. Now I live a PRODUCTIVE chemical free life and love living in New Prague knowing that our police department is hard at work!

  • I Speak The Truth

    How about caffeine being the gateway drug? Or breast milk? Or maybe even alcohol? bet you had that before even trying cannabis.

  • Theanrkist

    Please cite one case, one study, one anything that can prove your story. You can’t, they do not exist because it can not happen. You’d have to consume several POUNDS of marijuana at once to even get close to overdosing.
    If you want to be anti pot that’s your business, but at least get your facts correct. It doesn’t help anyone to spread lies.

  • Theanrkist

    You do know that the gateway drug theory has been debunked many times right? The only “gateway” pot opens is the path to finding a drug dealer.

  • Theanrkist

    Unfortunately the media and government have done too good of a job brainwashing the citizens into thinking every drug dealer is the stereotypical sleazeball in a trench coat pushing his stuff onto kids on playgrounds.
    If people would take the time to think about it, they would realize that school kids make shitty druggies since they generally do not have that much money to spend.

  • Legalize It!

    Aspirin kills more people each year than marijuana. Time to legalize it!

  • Arealez

    Somehow blind squirrels and nuts come to mind…

  • Singingbagger

    hey the informant was this guy named paul hes a felon drug pushing creep he gets out of trouble by busting other people- look out for Paul- he rides a bike and walks with a limp-he does mean things to people like throw cigs in peoples cars – prank phonecalls watch him- look out for cid also