Jaguars Topple Tigers 11 Jan 12

Everything went as expected Tuesday night as the #8 in 2A Jordan Jaguars take the win at home against the 5-8 Belle Plaine Tigers.

It was a slow start for the Tigers, sloppy passes and poor ball handling gave the Jaguars an easy 10 point lead with just sixty seconds off the clock. Things didn’t slow down after that for Jordan as top scorer Madison Dean continued to rack up the points with help from Hentges and Lambrecht. The only bright spots for Belle Plaine in the first half would be a couple of baskets from Fogarty and Otto.

The 2nd half started with some increased intensity from Belle Plaine, giving them the ability to actually set something up for themselves on offense, slowly cutting away at the large lead Jordan had established. Foul trouble and a few more slip-ups by the Jaguars, still wasn’t enough to slow down their offense and they proved too much for the Tigers.

No surprise as the top scorer for Jordan was 10th grader Madison Dean and the top scorer for Belle Plaine was Haley Fogarty, both with 15. The now 10-1 Jordan Jaguars take on Tri City United Friday in Montgomery. The Belle Plaine Tigers drop to 5-9 and play Sibley East at home Friday.