Condition upgrader for Savage officer injured in crash 12 Jan 12

A Savage police officer critically injured in a crash last week has been upgraded from critical to serious condition and friends and family say he is making progress and is now able to talk.

Frank Mackall, 39, of Cottage Grove crashed his cruiser in to a tree late last Monday night after losing control on an ice patch while attempting to assist a fellow officer on a prowler call in the Savage area.

Mackall had been heavily sedated and breathing with the help of a ventilation machine for much of the last week. On Monday the ventilation machine was removed and Mackall is now breathing on his own and since been moved out of the intensive care unit.

According to his Caring Bridge website Mackall is making significant progress and is now able talk and communicate with his friends and family. Mackall’s Caring Bridge website has now received more than 25,000 hits.

Savage police Chief Rodney Suerer told us he is extremely appreciative of the amount of support for Mackall as well as the Savage police department has received from all around the state. Chief Suerer says this tragic accident has brought the Savage police department closer together as a family and a growing feeling of excitement and hope is taking hold of the police station after the news of Mackall’s progress.

The Minnesota Fraternal Police Lodge #14 is currently accepting donations for officer Mackall and his family on their website Also a benefit fund has been established by Klein Bank to assist with the medical expenses for Mackall and his family.

Mackall is married with three children and has been with the Savage police department for more than three years and was a patrol officer for the Woodbury police department for six months prior to joining the Savage police department.