Offensive shootout comes down to the wire in Jordan 18 Jan 12

Tuesday’s game at Jordan High School had the Jordan Hubmen hosting their conference rival Tigers of Belle Plain in a fast paced shoot out that went down to the wire.

Before the game both head coaches old us that consistency is the key for them and the main main focus moving forward in the season. Belle Plain head coach John Wellner told us that the game plan for Tuesday was to work the ball inside-out establishing good production in the paint and finding the open outside shooters when the Hubmen start to collapse down low. For the Hubmen, head coach Matt Urbanek was looking to move the ball down the court and try for some easy baskets in transition.

Early on coach Urbanek’s game plan proved most effective as the Jordan Hubmen were able to take advantage of the full court press that Belle Plain likes to use, allowing the Hubmen to find some open shooters through long full court passes and quick shots. The Belle Plain Tigers found themselves at an 8 point disadvantage early but then were able to take advantage of some sloppy ball handling by the Hubman and got themselves right back into the game.

Late in the first half the threes started falling for both teams led by Belle Plain’s Dan Beal who during one stretch of the game accounted for 14 consecutive points for the Tigers. Not letting down, the Hubmen responded by knocking down some big shots from beyond the arch as well. Nate Beckman and Kevin Way chipping in with some big transition threes to keep the game tight.

A good chunk of the first and most of the second half we saw both teams running the floor with a lot of fast break opportunities, with each team capitalizing on the others mental errors and sloppy ball handling.

Late in the second half the Belle Plain Tigers were able to take advantage of fouls by the Hubmen getting some easy points from the free throw line, and were able to pull ahead to a narrow two point lead. With only two seconds left on the clock the Jordan Hubmen had one more chance to tie the game or even come away with a last second victory, but it was not to be. On the in bound the ball finds it’s way to Trulo Adams who is unable to put in the tying basket for the Hubmen and they drop this one by two points at home Tuesday night to rival Belle Plain Tigers