Man assualts guest after finding him with mother in bedroom 19 Jan 12

A man from Spring Lake Township has been charged with multiple felonies after assaulting a guest with a golf club when he discovered the guest in a bed room with his mother.

According to the complaint, Michael James Cheesman, 19, and the victim were drinking hard liquor provided by Cheesman’s mother on New Year’s Eve. At one point in the early morning hours of New Years’ Day, Cheesman’s mother invited the guest in to her bed room to “make the bed” she told the authorities.

When Cheesman discovered the two in the bed room he allegedly became enraged even though the guest denied kissing or engaging in any sexual activity with Cheesman’s mother. The victim told the authorities that he saw an object in Cheesman’s hand that looked like a tire iron. Cheesman then began to attack the victim and strike him repeatedly with the object in the face and the head. Cheesman later admitted the object was a golf club but denied ever hitting his guest with it.

The victim eventually escaped the room and ran out to his car but was followed by Cheesman who then threatened to kill him and began to break the windows and front and rear lamps of the guest’s SUV.

Cheesman has been charged with first-degree felony assault, fifth degree assault and felony property damage. Cheesman has a hearing scheduled for Jan. 19 at the Scott County District Court.