Humbled Minn. Sen. Koch says no reelection bid 23 Jan 12

ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) – State Sen. Amy Koch (COKE) says she’s sticking with her decision not to seek reelection after engaging in a relationship with a subordinate, despite comments she made last week.

Koch sat down Monday for an interview with The Associated Press at the Capitol. She’s back to work Tuesday when the Legislature starts. It’s a little more than a month after she resigned as majority leader.

The resignation came after fellow senators confronted the married Koch about reports of an affair with a Senate employee. Koch would not reveal that person’s identity. She says she’s still married but wasn’t wearing a ring.

Koch said last week in interviews with The Star Tribune and WCCO-TV that her decision not to seek reelection was hasty. But she said Tuesday she hasn’t changed her mind about her plans.