Shakopee district sets junior high boundaries 25 Jan 12

The Shakopee School Board has decided on attendance boundaries for new junior high schools set to open in the fall of 2012.

The first proposal was presented to the school board two weeks ago, but concerns about splitting neighborhoods west of Marschall Road arose among board members, prompting them to request more proposals and models for potential boundaries. After comparison, the school board preferred the first proposal, which will split the district for the first time.

“Hands down this is the one we’d recommend tonight,” Facility Planning Committee Chair Reggie Bowerman told the board in a pre-meeting work session Monday.

“It’s about as close as you can get, and based on the models we saw, it was hands down the best.

The boundaries place all of Red Oak Elementary and Sun Path Elementary students in the “East” junior high school, the current Shakopee Middle School building.

The line also crosses over Marschall Road into a portion of Sweeney Elementary and Eagle Creek Elementary boundaries. It includes neighborhoods north and east of Spencer Street and First Avenue; the Garden Lane apartment complexes; and houses on and east of Shawmut Street, Aster Lane and Primrose Lane.

This proposal equally divides student numbers in the two junior high buildings, and also has the least impact on the district’s transportation budget. The model also aligns with current elementary boundaries and could stand to be a model for the future if the district decides to add a second high school.

Click here to view a large-scale map of the boundary changes.