Faribault program to aid drivers with suspended licenses 26 Jan 12

Photo credit: Minnesota Public Radio News

Frustrated drivers who chronically find themselves without a driver’s license because of continuous fines, fees and restrictions may soon find relief.

Last year, the state legislature allowed for counties and cities to participate in a program that would allow some drivers to get their licenses back before their fines are entirely paid off.

Rice County received approval from the state Legislature in 2011, and the city of Faribault is waiting for approval from the finance committee and will likely approve participation this week.

Faribault attorney Kurt Fischer told the Faribault Daily News, “It gets people back to work.”

“People who have financial problems usually have job problems,” Fischer said. “And if you can’t drive you can’t keep your job, and the whole cycle starts again.”

The program is run through Diversion Solutions in Red Wing where drivers with fines and penalties are referred by prosecutors to the company’s repayment program. The drivers will also attend classes on license and driving laws.

The program applies to unpaid fines only and those with DWI-related fines and penalties are not eligible for the new program.