Undercover agent busts drug sale at Coborn’s 30 Jan 12

A New Prague man could face 45 years in prison for allegedly selling drugs to an undercover agent.

Cole Douglas Larson, 20, is charged in Le Sueur County with two counts of a controlled substance crime. The charges stem from several meetings between the agent and Larson at Coborns in New Prague. The agent contacted Larson in November and first obtained marijuana, then in a later meeting was sold a bag of cocaine.

Larson posted $1,000 bail and has been released from the Le Sueur County Jail. His next court appearance is scheduled for Feb. 7.

  • Guest

    hahahahahahahaha. darwinism at its finest

  • Ichish

    is he a criminal or was he made one by our local law enforcement to help boost their funding, because as we all know, if the police couldnt bust small time marijuana providers, what are they good for?