Man robs Shakopee restaurant, makes off with 70 cents 06 Feb 12

Photo credit: Shakopee Valley News

Employees of a pizza restaurant in Shakopee may have had to empty their pockets for a robber, but giving up 70 cents may have been worth it to gain a good story.

Shakopee police say a middle-aged man entered Shakopee’s Pizza Man carry-out restaurant Thursday night, stuck his hand in his pocket, and stated, “This is a robbery.” The man then said he was kidding, and then changed his mind again and decided it was a robbery.

Employees told the man they couldn’t open the cash register, so the man requested their money. After the employees gave him 70 cents and asked him to leave, he did.

Shakopee Police Captain Craig Robson told the Shakopee Valley News the “robbery” might be more appropriately described as disorderly conduct.

Employees said the man appeared to be drunk or high.