Assault at Mystic Lake nets probation sentence for Minneapolis man 07 Feb 12

Despite previous convictions for several other violent crimes, a Minneapolis man will walk away with a probation sentence for striking his girlfriend and kicking a security guard while he was at Mystic Lake Casino last November.

Ramsey Ray Farsee, 33, pleaded guilty to felony domestic assault and fifth-degree assault in late January. He was given a stayed 21-month prison sentence for the felony conviction, meaning as long as Farsee doesn’t violate his probation, he will not have to serve that sentence behind bars.

Farsee also was sentenced to two years of probation for the fifth-degree assault charge, a gross misdemeanor.

According to the complaint, police were called to Mystic Lake Casino shortly after 8 p.m. on Nov. 28, 2011. The casino’s security supervisor told police that Farsee and his girlfriend had been kicked out of the bingo area of the casino earlier that night.

Farsee allegedly began yelling at his girlfriend, spit in her face and punched her in the head until she fell to the ground. When security officers tried to detain Farsee, he allegedly kicked one of them in the face.