Minn. GOP precinct to test-drive photo ID scanner 07 Feb 12

STILLWATER, Minn. (AP) – Republicans who attend a party caucus gathering at one Stillwater precinct will get to try registering with a photo ID scanner.

The GOP activists who organized the Rutherford Elementary School caucus on Tuesday purchased the device themselves The technology is similar to what would be the law of Minnesota if Republican legislators are successful in pushing a constitutional amendment to require a photo ID to vote in Minnesota.

State GOP spokeswoman Heather Dodgers-Rubash says the handheld device scans drivers’ licenses and other photo IDs and immediately registers each caucus attendee’s name and address. She says the activists wanted to show the photo ID requirement is not burdensome as some critics charge.

Dodgers-Rubash says Stillwater caucus attendees don’t need a photo ID to caucus, and can still participate the old-fashioned way by filling out a form.

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