Blog posts over custody battle spark free speech debate 13 Feb 12

A free speech debate over an Internet blog is causing a stir in Carver County court.

A motion to shut down the blog, which contains information related to several child custody battles in Carver County, was submitted by an attorney for Jeremy Banken, whose wife Lea is affiliated with the blog. Jeremy Banken has custody of the couple’s children.

Last August, Judge Perkins issued an order for Lea Banken to stop posting on the blog, but Jeremy Banken’s attorney argued last week that Lea Banken had refused to do so. Posts and comments on the blog allegedly promote violence.

Judge Perkins has up to 90 days to rule on the matter but is not expected to take that long to make a decision.

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    Please google Carver County Corruption and read the blog for yourself. You’ll see the horrible things these children and their mother have been put through. I had a hard time believing it at first, but the more I read, and then the more I was in touch w/people on the blog, and then the more I started sitting in on hearings and seeing it w/my own eyes. It’s all true. This stay-at-home mother’s 3 children (including newborn baby) were ripped away from her for no reason other than she has a vindictive and wealthy ex-spouse w/a lot of money and power. She has never been accused of abuse, substance abuse…anything! The problem is that her story (and others) are so over-the-top horrendous, many people choose not to believe it. Sadly, it is all true.

    As for violence being promoted. Most commenters to the blog are intelligent, faith-filled, positive people. Once in awhile something has been said our of sheer frustration, but the blog does not promote violence.