Northfield woman accused of stealing, cashing lottery tickets 17 Feb 12

A Northfield woman hoping for lottery luck now faces prison time after allegedly stealing more than 400 tickets – worth more than $2,000 – from the gas station where she worked.

Deanna Rae Rodriguez-Bella, 20, is charged with state lottery fraud and theft for stealing lottery tickets during her shifts at Amcon in Northfield.

The owner of Amcon suspected Rodriguez-Bella and reported the theft to police in November 2011.

Officers reviewed video surveillance, then arrested Rodriguez-Bella, who allegedly admitted to stealing some of the lottery tickets because of money issues. She said her husband cashed the tickets but did know she had stolen them.

Rodriguez-Bella’s next court appearance is scheduled for March 13. If convicted of the most serious charge against her, Rodriguez-Bella faces up to 10 years in prison and/or a $50,000 fine.