Man arrested for third time on domestic assault allegation 23 Feb 12

A man from Savage has been arrested for the third time on domestic assault charges after allegedly hitting his wife with a chair, then threatening to kill her.

James Wayne Herron, 38, is facing multiple charges, including felony domestic abuse and third-degree assault.

According to a criminal complaint, Herron’s wife went to the Prior Lake Police Station on Jan. 27 to tell police about the assault from the day before and that Herron had threatened to kill her.

The assault allegedly happened at the couple’s Prior Lake home when the woman told Herron she wanted a divorce, Herron became angered and grabbed her and threw her into a window. The woman told police she pleaded with him to stop but instead he picked up a kitchen chair and began to hit her with it several times. She said tried to block the blows from the chair with her arms and elbows. The victim was later diagnosed with a broken arm at a local hospital and officers noticed significant swelling in her hands and fingers.

An acquaintance of the couple also told police that Herron threatened to kill his wife. The acquaintance said that she and her boyfriend had picked up Herron from his girlfriend’s house in Savage. Herron allegedly told them, “If I go to prison for this [woman], I’m going to have [my girlfriend] or another [person] kill her if I don’t do it first.”

Herron denied the charges at a February 8th court appearance.

Herron has several previous domestic assault convictions, including misdemeanor domestic assault for an incident with his wife in 2008, and fifth-degree assault for an incident involving another woman in 2003.