Chanhassen psychologist accused of sexual misconduct, license suspended 06 Mar 12

A Chanhassen psychologist has been accused of sexual misconduct after allegedly having sexual contact with a patient during a controversial therapy technique.

According to the Carver County Sherriff’s Office, Richard Colund, 54, is charged with third degree criminal sexual conduct for alleged incidents with one of his patients during January and February of this year.

The victim has been diagnosed with a variety of disorders, including dissociative identity disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder, and borderline personality disorder.

According to the victim, Colund practiced Theophostic Therapy “in which God guides the therapy sessions.” The contact occurred during therapy, when the victim told the complainant that “God wanted him” to have sexual contact with her. The therapy sessions were audio recorded.

The Minnesota Board of Psychology has temporarily suspended Colund’s license. The incidents remain under investigation.