Custody battle, free speech debate back in Carver County court 08 Mar 12

A woman who lost a custody battle in Carver County and sparked a free speech debate by using an Internet website to vent about her displeasure with the judicial system was back in court last week.

Lea Banken was ordered by Judge Richard Perkins in November to remove any content that names her ex-husband Jeremy Banken, his attorney, Banken’s business or contact information, and any material reasonably deemed as meant to vilify Banken.

Jeremy Banken has custody of the couple’s children. His attorney argued the material on the blog has negatively affected Jeremy Banken’s “safety, security and privacy.”

Lea Banken has argued on behalf of herself, citing free speech.

Perkins used the March 2 hearing to reiterate the fact that the entire blog does not have to be taken down; Perkins’ ruling on whether or not it needs to be cleared of certain material is still pending.