Scott County: ‘No need for EIS at sand mine’ 08 Mar 12

The Scott County Board is planning to suggest that there is not a need for an Environmental Impact Statement for a proposed silica sand mine between Jordan and Shakopee.

In a statement sent to the county board, Louisville Township Chairman John Weckman suggested that residents who have an opinion on Great Plains Sand should attend the board meeting next Tuesday at 9:30 a.m. in the Scott County board room.

The proposed mine would be located along Highway 169 near Louisville and Sand Creek townships. Those township boards have expressed concern about silica sand dust, but Weckman’s memo supported not having an EIS performed, as long as things like blasting impacts, traffic noise, and air quality are addressed through an interim use permit.

The Great Plains Sand development completed a Environmental Assessment Worksheet, but county staff do not believe a more expansive EIS is necessary.