Jordan gets it done in 5 1/2 03 Apr 12

The “Mini Met” in Jordan was looking exceptionally well Monday afternoon as the Hubmen of Jordan engaged in pre-game rituals that could become season long superstitions after the performance that opened up the season with a 12-0 victory over Le Sueur-Henderson.

In pre-game conversation first year Coach Brent Goracke talk about how it would be a team effort to defend home plate and secure a victory. That all start with junior Nate Beckman, who threw 5, retired 4 and give up 2 hits. Jon Kreuser was next to start the offense by hitting one out of the park to score the first of 4 runs of the first inning. They would repeat the same offensive production in the second. Mean while second year coach for Le Sueur-Henderson Rick Bruns was left wondering why his team couldn’t gain traction.

Le Sueuer-Henderson would make a pitching change in the third, but the damage was done. A few more runs scored and Le Sueur-Henderson had some good defensive plays. With 5 ½ complete Beckman would get the victory over Joe Braun. Coach Rick Bruns and the Le Sueur-Henderson Giants have a few days to tighten things up before they travel to Belle Plaine. The Hubmen have a full week to savory the victory before they play Norwood-Young America.