Jordan Jags drop the first 04 Apr 12

An Ipod playlist containing club hits and alternative rock one timers enshrouded a sun covered Jordan Jaguar softball field this afternoon as Jordan Head Coach Dawn Lewis and her team warmed up for their home opener against the Giants of Le Sueur-Henderson.

At seasons end last year Jordan was left floating around the middle of the Minnesota River Conference, while Le Sueur-Henderson stayed near the top. With no place to go but up Coach Lewis commented pre-game that herself and her team are working hard to make sure this year is anything but a repeat of the last. However, the Giants came prepared and were able take the victory 2-0 over the Jaguars.

For Le Sueur-Henderson it all started with the eighth grade(NOT A TYPO, eighth grade) ace Carlie Brandt, who had eleven strikeouts, went 2 for 4 with a double at the plate and held Jordan scoreless. Jordan got close at times, even loaded the bases but it was Brandt that battled back at the plate to ensure an escape out of each inning.

Situational game play for the Jaguars at times hindered their ability to get easy outs and prevent runners from getting into scoring position, but Coach Lewis already has a plan to correct that. With a week off before the next game against Norwood-Young America her focus will be on tightening up the fundamentals of the game.

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