SMSC grant to provide crisis training for Scott County law enforcement 04 Apr 12

The Shakopee Mdewakanton Sioux Community is footing the bill for a training program that will teach Scott County law enforcement how to deal with those suffering from a mental health crisis.

The training, provided by Minnesota Crisis Intervention Team, will provide officers with information and training in how to avoid injury and death to both officer and the mentally unstable, while reducing the amount of repeat callers.

The program will also give a basic overview of disorders like schizophrenia, and promote verbal de-escalation skills before physical confrontation.

The eight-hour training will be available for local police departments, Scott County sheriff’s deputies, the Minnesota State Patrol and the Minnesota Department of Transportation. The course will consist of five sessions between the end of April and mid November.

The SMSC is financing the training with a 17 thousand dollar grant.