‘Jabby’ leaves rehab center, gets closer to home 19 Apr 12

MINNEAPOLIS (AP) – A Minnesota high school hockey player is closer to getting back home after being paralyzed on the ice last December.

Jack Jablonski was released Wednesday after nearly three months at Sister Kenny Rehabilitation Institute in Minneapolis.

Jablonski, known as “Jabby,” tells WCCO-AM   he’s “nervous, but excited, obviously.”

The Benilde-St. Margaret’s sophomore was checked from behind in a game Dec. 30. He has been a patient at the institute since Jan. 23.

Jablonski will be moving into a handicapped-accessible apartment until his family home is remodeled.

His mother, Leslie Jablonski, says the apartment will be “a perfect place” for her son to go for a couple months. She says her son will continue on an outpatient basis at the Courage Center. He uses a power wheelchair to get around.

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