Say No to Stinky Stuff 04 Jun 12

Stink…it’s a bane of human existence. If left unchecked, it can overtake our bodies, our clothes, our pets, and our homes. Fortunately, in most cases, it’s not all that hard to get rid of. Just use the household products below to keep foul odors at bay.

Vinegar - Whole house deodorizer& cleaner

As we mentioned in a previous article, there are seemingly endless uses for vinegar, and one of those is a stench remover.

Most modern homes are highly sealed and weatherproofed, which is great for energy efficiency, but the lack of fresh air also means smells have a way of getting trapped inside. So, the odors coming from the fish you just cooked or from the rotten fruit you never realized your kid stuffed under the couch have a tendency to linger.

Of course, you can open a window, but sometimes that isn’t always enough (especially if the stink has had time to permeate). A quick solution: fill up several bowls of vinegar and disperse them throughout the rooms in your house. Granted, vinegar has a strong smell of its own, so you may want to leave your home for a few hours. After you empty the bowls, the vinegar smell will gradually disappear and you will be left with a freshly scented home.

Additionally, if you’re looking for an eco-friendly and inexpensive multi-use cleaner, just mix water and vinegar (1:1 ratio) and use it to clean walls, shelves, counters, bathrooms, and everything else.

Kitty Litter – Closet & Clothes Freshener

Closets are full of musty, rarely-worn clothes, old sneakers, and tons of other junk that makes them a breeding ground for stinkiness. Often, these items are tucked away so well even your vinegar deodorizer can’t get to the smell. In these cases, kitty litter may be your best defense. It may seem silly, but just consider the foul cat-producing stenches kitty litter is able to eliminate. If it can do that, your sweaty gym bag doesn’t stand a chance.

Consider sprinkling a little in your shoes, in suitcases, in clothing storage bags, or simply leave some in a bowl in your closet for an overall odor absorber.

Baking Soda – Multi-purpose Deodorizer

If you’re not keen on leaving kitty litter around the house (afraid your cat might think you’ve generously given him multiple toilets), then you can substitute the litter for baking soda. It’s a well-known deodorizer and works great in the bottom of trash cans, in refrigerators, in clothes hampers, in shoes, and in virtually any other malodorous place.

For a lesser known trick, use baking soda to freshen upholstered furniture and mattresses. Just sprinkle it on, let it sit for at least 24 hours (make sure it’s out of sunlight or the baking soda will bleach the fabric), and then vacuum it up.

Who needs over-priced, commercial deodorizers when you probably already have an arsenal of stink-slaying products sitting around the house?

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