Accomplish More by Choosing Three Goals Per Week 08 Jun 12

Do you ever feel like you’re running around and around, constantly busy but not getting much accomplished? In reality, you’re probably getting a lot more done than you realize, but your efforts aren’t focused enough to notice any real changes.

What to do?

To have better direction for your personal and work goals, take time at the start of each week to outline three things you hope to accomplish. There might be more than three things you feel like you need to do, but just stick with three. Otherwise, you’ll likely get overwhelmed and might not fully complete anything.

Once you’ve chosen your three things, all of your daily tasks should work towards completing those objectives. Ask yourself, “What can I do today to get closer to completing weekly goal A, B, and C,” and use those ideas as a basis for your day’s to-do list. Similar to your weekly goals, try and keep your daily tasks to a minimum to avoid over-stretching yourself, and keep in mind you can always add on new daily goals if you happen to complete your to-do list early.

If you’re in a creative field or more of a spontaneous person outlining your days and weeks so specifically may seem to go against your nature, but having a better sense of order can help you focus your creative energies in a singular direction and accomplish more.

Who Does this?

Dave Lee, an app developer, is obviously a creative person, and he recognizes the need for innovators to use a unique type of task management system. He explains on his blog,

“Most task/to-do software is based around the concept of projects and tasks. It’s really too bad. The tendency is to fill up your task software with dozens of projects and tasks under each project. But the more you look at your projects and tasks every day for the next few weeks, it gets discouraging. It feels like a never-ending river of stress.”*

Not only does Dave use the strategies above, but he has a total of eight steps that make-up his task system. For more details, checkout his blog.