Felony charges filed after man injured in Waterville bar fight 13 Jun 12

A 44-year-old Waterville man is facing multiple felony assault charges for an early morning bar fight that left another man with injuries to his face and jaw.

Randy Hiller is charged with first degree assault, second degree assault resulting in substantial bodily harm and involving a dangerous weapon, second degree assault involving a dangerous weapon, and third degree assault resulting in substantial bodily harm.

On May 27 around 3 a.m., the Waterville Police Department responded to a report of an assault in the alley behind Denny’s Bar. Officers found 32-year-old Jacob David, of Kilkenny, conscious but bleeding from the mouth and spitting out teeth. David was transported to Immanuel St. Joseph Hospital in Mankato where he underwent surgery to repair his face and jaw.

Witnesses told authorities Hiller and David had an argument in the bar that moved into the alley, and that Hiller was holding a bat, but no one saw Hiller strike David.

If convicted of the most serious charge against him, Hiller could face 20 years in jail and/or a $40,000 fine. His next court appearance was scheduled for June 12.