Minneapolis SWAT officer charged with assault 19 Jun 12

ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) – A Minneapolis police sergeant and SWAT officer – who was apparently angered by a loud cellphone conversation – was charged with assault for allegedly punching a man in the head, seriously injuring him.

Minneapolis police Sgt. David Clifford, the executive officer of the Minneapolis Police SWAT unit, was in the Anoka County Jail yesterday. He is charged with third-degree assault, and is scheduled to make his first court appearance today.

The victim was identified as Brian Keith Vanderlee, of Ramsey.  He is said to be on life support.

Minneapolis Star Tribune spokesman Steve Yaeger says Vanderlee is an account executive in advertising sales at the newspaper.

  • DeAnn Pace

    Dear God…this man lays in the throws of death and no one has a comment??? God Bless this man and his family, friends. Lifting you all in prayer for healing. To the office/monster, “Vengeance is mine sayath the Lord”…you will be judged!

  • tonym

    Wonder what sort of injuries need to be inflicted for 1st degree assault? This officer gets out on $1500 bail while his victim’s on life support? He shouldn’t be a cop – he’s on the wrong side of the law!