Minn. Hockey retains tougher penalty for some hits 25 Jun 12

ST. LOUIS PARK, Minn. (AP) — The type of illegal hockey hit that led to the paralyzing injury of Jack Jablonski last December will continue to trigger an automatic five-minute major penalty in Minnesota youth hockey next season.

The governing board for Minnesota Hockey met in St. Louis Park on Sunday. A Minneapolis Star Tribune report says the board voted 18-6 to extend the move it made last season to elevate the penalty from two minutes to five.

Dave Margenau is the president of Minnesota Hockey. He says it wasn’t an easy vote, and that he himself flip-flopped on the issue at least a dozen times last week.

Some members noted that Jablonski’s family has said it doesn’t want to change the game, but rather to change the behavior that leads to dangerous hits.