Space Travel on a Budget 13 Jul 12

Unless you’re an oil or software tycoon, your chances of becoming an orbital space tourist are pretty slim. Currently, only seven civilians have left the atmosphere, and each paid anywhere from $20 million to $35 million for the experience.

But, hey, if you’ve always dreamed of going into space, don’t give up hope. You can always settle for suborbital space travel, which, thanks to Virgin Galactic and several other startup companies, only requires the budget of Ashton Kutcher (a mere $200,000 per ticket). And while you won’t reach speeds to actually stay in orbit or get to visit the space station, you’ll still get the complete space experience; complete with earthly views and weightlessness

However, if you don’t have a couple hundred thousand dollars to spend on a 2.5-hour flight (darn economy!), there is another option — watch a really cool video created by 18-year-old, Tomislav Safundzic.

Safundzic, a Croatian video editor, compiled images from NASA’s Image Science and Analysis laboratory to create a time-lapsed video of what it looks like to fly over earth from space.

In only two minutes you can see from above the glow of city lights that span the globe, witness the green hues of the Aurora Borealis, or watch a thundercloud in action. Even though you’re not experiencing it live, the video gives you a real sense of our planet as a whole and our perspective in space. Not to mention, it’s free and doesn’t require any training or a spacesuit — easy enough for those with only a mild interest in space.

If you’d like to checkout NASA’s original videos, visit their photography website where you can click any area on the map and watch videos taken over that region.