How to Stay Cool without Air Conditioning 30 Jul 12

It wasn’t so many years ago that most people lived without air conditioning, yet if power outages or other circumstances cause our AC to shutdown today, we consider it about one of the worst things that can happen to us. We’ve become so used to going into our temperature controlled homes for a respite from the summer heat that many have forgotten how to naturally stay cool.

If, for whatever reason, you’re forced to live without air conditioning, here are some ways you can stay cool (or at least not unbearably hot).

Get Wet

Strip down to your bathing suit and head to the nearest water source. Whether at the pool, lake, beach, or simply playing in the sprinkler or hose, you’ll feel immediately refreshed and the kids will have such a great time they’ll forget all about the lack of AC. Consider bringing out the water balloons and water guns to make a game out of it.

Sleep Downstairs

Remember, heat rises. So, if you have a two-story home, don’t make the mistake of sleeping upstairs as this area will have the hottest rooms in the house. Staying cool at night and getting a good night’s rest is your key to staying sane through repeated hot days.

Shut Windows in the Day and Open at Night

Once your home gets really hot it’s hard to cool it back down, which means you should try and trap the cool air inside. The best way to do this is by opening your windows at night and letting the cooler night air indoors. If you still have electricity and just your AC is broken, put some fans in the windows to pull the outside air in. Then, as soon as the sun comes up, shut all windows, blinds, doors, and anything that will let a draft of hot air or a ray of sunlight into the house. You may feel like a vampire, but even having your home 10 degrees cooler than the outside can be a relief.

Use Fans

Even if they’re just blowing around hot air, using fans to keep the air circulating and moving over your skin can make things feel less stifling. If the electricity is out, use battery powered fans and use them at night when you really need to be comfortable.

Stay Hydrated

An icy-cold drink will cool down your internal temperature and keep you hydrated so your body is better equipped to handle the heat. Water is always the best choice, but, above all, avoid alcoholic and caffeinated drinks which have a dehydrating effect.

Use Ice

If you have electricity, keep your fridge well stocked with ice and consider making your own ice blocks. You can use it for endless things, including ice packs for your neck, cooling down baby pools, making icy drinks, or place a block in front of a fan for primitive AC.