Dad Soups-up Son’s Lightening McQueen Powerwheel 10 Aug 12


Forget the soap box derby or even ride-on toy cars, Sean Burgess, co-owner of FFTEC tuning shop in Union City, CA, has just raised the bar by making his five -year-old son, Evan, a mini electric race car. Thanks to Burgess’ car tuning skills, he was able to not only salvage Evan’s beloved yet worn out Lightening McQueen Powerwheel but transform it into a preschool racing machine. Ka-Chow!!

The plastic wheels on the Powerwheel were no match for Evan’s love of McQueen or his penchant for driving as, after three years, they were completely worn down. Any self-respecting father might find some plastic replacement wheels or possibly by a new Powerwheel, but Sean Burgess took it a step farther by upgrading the ride with real steel-and-rubber wheels with off-road tread. However, he didn’t stop there as he also added race-quality parts, including an aluminum subframe, a 0.66-hp, 500-watt electric motor, and a variable speed control, throttle and brake pedal assembly.

Needless to say, the modified Powerwheel has considerably more power and satisfies Evan’s need for speed as the video shows him happily cruising around an oval dirt track, a la Doc Hudson — is that a boy’s dream come true, or what?

Besides receiving an awesome new car, Evan is also seen (in his Lightening McQueen shirt, of course) getting some quality one-on-one time with his dad as they work on the car together in the FFTEC tuning shop… and you thought your dad was cool.

Watch the video to see the whole story in action, but make sure your kids aren’t in the room or they’ll be begging you to make them a super-powered Powerwheel.