Fuel Tank Overturned 20 Sep 12

Fuel Tank OverturnedA fuel tanker holding approximately 8,300 gallons of fuel rolled into the ditch as it entered the Le Sueur rest stop on Hwy 169 North around 7 a.m. this morning, according to Le Sueur Fire Department chief Tom Obele.The Le Sueur Fire Department used foam to stabilize the truck which had two, one-inch holes leaking fuel.

CHS, a gas company, was at the scene pumping the remaining fuel from the overturned tanker into another truck. Obele explained that once the tanker was mostly empty, the truck would be turned upright and the remaining fuel would be removed.

The driver of the truck, Joseph D. Wenner, 28, of Courtland, was taken to Minnesota Valley Health Center in Le Sueur, was treated for minor injuries and then released.