Kids Catch The Fish That Ate Jonah 25 Sep 12

A pair of lucky cousins caught a monster of the deep by accident over the weekend. 11 year-old Joe Hammer from Lakeville and his 9 year-old cousin Katelyn Hammer from Sartell were fishing for sunnies off the dock on Lake Shamineau near Motley this weekend when Katelyn caught the first of two fish by taking a small sunnie.

Not excited about idea taking the fish off the hook herself, she let it dangle in the water when a giant muskie jumped out of the water, ate the sunfish and got hooked on the line.

With a look of surprise and fast acting hands, Katelyn quickly handed the rod to her cousin Joe who worked the muskie in for her. The tag-team duo got the muskie into a boat which was tied to the dock to contain it until the experts, their parents, could help.

And to make it a true fish tale Katelyn was fishing with a broken rod her dad had glued back together for her to use this weekend. Joe’s dad, Jeff Hammer says he measured the giant muskie at 50-inches, just six inches shorter than the state record. The fish was released back into the water after a few quick photos, it promptly swam away and ate a small child,