Last Minute Gift Ideas 20 Dec 12


Looking for something special for a nature lover? Consider adding to their nature library.The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (DNR) offers a variety of books on the outdoors ranging from bird feeding to landscaping to nature appreciation.
Books by Carrol Henderson, DNR nongame wildlife program supervisor, are top sellers among books of their kind in Minnesota.
They include:

  • “Wild about Birds: The DNR Bird Feeding Guide,” is a must for Minnesota bird lovers. The book includes tips on 44 types of food and offers woodshop basics for construction of 26 different feeders, to increase number and species of birds using the feeders.
  • The revised “Woodworking for Wildlife”, has more than 300 beautiful color photographs and 30 designs for wildlife nest boxes. It is perfect for the woodworker and wildlife lover. Book includes diagrams for building bird houses, next boxes and platforms to attract wildlife. It will provide the latest information on how to attract everything from bluebird, chickadees, purple martins, wood ducks to bumblebees, toads, owls and woodpeckers.
  • “Landscaping for Wildlife” is packed with color photos and diagrams that show how to attract wildlife using inexpensive, easy-to-follow landscaping plans.
  • “Lakescaping for Wildlife and Water Quality” offers innovative solutions to common shoreland problems, includes worksheets and forms to design/implement a lakeshore plan using a customized plant list from an online searchable database of more than 400 native plants.“Traveler’s Guide to Wildlife in Minnesota” co-authored by Carrol Henderson, Andrea Lee Lambrecht and the DNR nongame wildlife specialists. The Traveler’s Guide, written for novice and veteran wildlife watchers alike, features 120 special places to observe and photograph wildlife in Minnesota, with easy to read maps, and information about facilities and recreational opportunities about each site. It is on sale for half off the regular price of $19.95.

All royalties from the sale of the books go to the Minnesota DNR’s Nongame Wildlife Fund.

The books can be ordered from bookstores and online booksellers. They are also available from the Minnesota Bookstore in St. Paul or by calling 651-297-3000 or toll-free 800-657-3757.

Minnesota Conservation Volunteer (MCV) is the magazine of Minnesota’s lands, waters, and wildlife. MCV relies on reader contributions to deliver award-winning stories and photographs six times a year. Connect with the great outdoors.

Walk-In Access program allows public hunting on private land. In two years, the program has grown to 15,000 acres across 21 counties in southwestern Minnesota. Donations will allow the program to expand and grow, providing more opportunities for hunters to get on the land. Visit the DNR website for more information.

Give the Gift of Safety – ATV, Snowmobile, Firearms Safety Classes
State Park Pass – Inexpensive stocking stuffer for the outdoors person in your life!
Life Time Hunting or Fishing Licenses – The gift that keeps on giving!
The gift of TIME – Nothing is more precious! Volunteer and share your outdoor experiences!